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Repellent Mats: The Best Indoor Pet Training Mat for Dogs and Cats of 2024 Review

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    If you are a pet parent, I believe that you will agree with me when I state that the most challenging part of owning a pet is house training. Training your pet to stay off the couch, counter, bed, among other places can be challenging, the reason puppy training pads are here to help. Having in mind that different pet training pads adopt different methods of deterring where some are effective than others, today, I will help you narrow your choices by helping you know the best pet training mats in 2024. Have a look so that you can get a repellant mat that will work for you effectively.

    The Best Indoor Pet Training Mat for Dogs and Cats of 2024 Includes:

    10. Mosher Pets – Pet Repeller

    Mosher Pets - Pet Repeller

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    Deter your furry friend from the home’s most valuable possessions with the Mosher Pets – Pet Repeller. Designed to train your pet safely, this training mat doesn’t harm your pets by hurting or shocking them which makes them suitable for use by pups and adults alike. You can use the pet repeller as a way to stop pets from lying on sofas or the bed so that you will never have to clean fur again. Also, the repeller stops the pets from scratching into your seats which makes it a perfect option for protecting your valuable items. Mosher Pets pet repeller measures 70″W x 90″L which assures you of getting a repeller that is large enough for use on the counter, bed, car, chairs, among others.

    9. Electronic Pet Training Shock Mat

    Electronic Pet Training Shock Mat

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    Looking for a pet repeller mat that is designed for use in indoor settings? Well, you will make a good decision once you opt to buy the BeYo LTD Electronic Pet Training Shock Mat. This is a low-voltage mat safe to use in any room. It is designed to work with different pets due to the three intensity levels it offers. In this regard, you can set the low, medium, or high shock intensity making it easier for you to train different pets. The mat is easy to place on the floor or sofa, and easy to fold up for storage. It is made using transparent soft PVC which is not only easy to clean but also durable.

    8. Kpmall 2024 Upgraded Adjustable Indoor Outdoor Dog Repellent Mats

    Kpmall 2024 Upgraded Adjustable Indoor Outdoor Dog Repellent Mats

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    Correct the behavior of your family pet with the Kpmall Indoor Outdoor Dog Repellent Mat. The mat features a flexible and adjustable design with upgraded single-strand metals that are lighter and smarter. It includes a detachable controller which means that the mats can be spliced with snaps on them. Three adjustable shock modes are another plus of this mat which allows you to alter the shock level by a press of the button on the controller. Kpmall Repellent Mat is safe to use, thanks to the soft PVC material and the fact that it meets the UL standards.

    7. BOIFUN Pet Scat/Shock Mat

    BOIFUN Pet Scat/Shock Mat

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    Keep your curious pets away from the areas they scratch, chew, or dig with Boifun shock mat. The mat features three training modes. These modes include Beep mode, Static shock mode, and Beep + Static Shock. Because of this, you can customize the training method depending on the pet you are training so that you can correct your pup’s behavior. When using the shock mode, you can choose from three shock levels, low, medium, and high. This design allows you to select the perfect level depending on your pet’s sensitivity assuring you of getting an effective method to correct your pet’s behavior.

    6. LESOTC Pet Scat Cat Mat, Pet Training Mat for Dogs Cats

    LESOTC Pet Scat Cat Mat, Pet Training Mat for Dogs Cats

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    An effective way to keep your pets off the couch or furniture is by adopting LESOTC Pet Training Mat. The mat provides three adjustable levels of a static pulse which makes it suitable for use by dogs and cats of different breeds. Further, it supports combinations of different shapes allowing you to use it in various places. The mat is safe to use since it adopts the SPS (Smart Protection System) that enables it to release a static shock without hurting the pet. Also, the shock mat adopts an AAS (Automatic Alarm System) allowing it to alarm when there is an abnormal situation such as a conductive object on the mat.

    5. Penobon Pet Training Mat

    Penobon Pet Training Mat

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    Train your pet to avoid counters and the furniture safely and effectively with the Penobon Pet Training Mat. The mat adopts a low-voltage battery-operated system which makes it safe to use anywhere in the house. It requires a 9-volt alkaline battery, but this isn’t included when buying the mat. The mat includes a removable power pack designed to enhance easy cleaning. Further, it offers three optional training modes which means that you can set the high, low, or medium level depending on the pet you are training.

    4. X-Mat Original Pet Training Mat

    X-Mat Original Pet Training Mat

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    Keep your sofas, chairs, tables, doorways, and beds as a pet-free zone once you get this pet training mat. The fact that the mat includes pointy nubs allows you to deter pets effectively. Besides that, it features a foldable design making it easy to store.

    3. Enthusiast Gear Puppy Paws Pet Repellent Mat

    Enthusiast Gear Puppy Paws Pet Repellent Mat

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    Are you looking for the best pet training mat designed for use with both cats and dogs? Well, I would like to recommend the Enthusiast Gear Pet Repellent Mat. This is a non-electric pet repeller mat that doesn’t shock your pet. The mat deters pets using a noisy crinkle sound. As a result, you can expect it to keep pets off valuable furniture without risking their wellbeing. Another plus of the mat is its durable and stylish fabric where the mat features a soft, non-woven polyester fabric. As a result, the mat is a perfect choice for any pet parent looking forward to buying a product that will deliver years of reliable performance.

    2. DOG CARE Pet Shock Mat

    DOG CARE Pet Shock Mat

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    Next, we have a pet shock mat from Dog Care. It is a battery-operated dog training mat that requires a 9Volt battery. The mat includes a battery cover that is easy to remove making it easy to replace the battery. You can expect this mat to deliver effective results within a short time since it features a see-through design that doesn’t allow pets to note its existence with a lot of ease. The mat offers three training modes including static mode, beep mode, and beep+static mode. When using the static mode, it offers three adjustable shock levels where you can select the low, medium, or high shock mode depending on the pet you are training.

    1. PetSafe ScatMat Indoor Pet Training Mat

    PetSafe ScatMat Indoor Pet Training Mat

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    Train your pet to avoid the areas you want to protect in your home with the PetSafe Pet Training Mat. The mat is a low-voltage battery-operated mat designed for use anywhere around the home. It features a flexible design enabling it to roll up for easy storage. The mat is easy to clean, thanks to the removable power pack that allows for easy cleaning. Also, it is effective to use since it can offer multiple levels of a static pulse including low, high, and medium enabling you to pick a pulse that will work for any pet size.


    The ideal way to train your pet to stay and play with things that aren’t beyond its limits is by using a pet training mat. Though there are a lot of such mats on the market, all of them aren’t designed to deliver positive results by deterring your pets effectively from restricted areas. For this reason, I recommend that you buy the best pet repellant mats reviewed above since these have bestowed consistent results in ensuring that your pet stays away from the valuable things in your home.


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