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15 Weird Signs Telling Your Dog Is Sick

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    Dogs and pets are like family to mankind they are highly embraced. They should be well taken off and provided a better environment. Signs can easily be identified from their normal routine of functioning. Sickness threatens and can cause damages to young ones and pets. There are different signs of illness that are synchronized that lead headaches and flu. Always make a hygienic procedure to pets, these increases their immunity and keeps them fit for a longer time.

    1. Stinky Breath

    Stinky Breath

    The dog’s breathing in and out is never sweet to get and sometimes the bad smell is an indication for the threatening problems. Dog’s bad gulp of air is founded by a contagion that forms plaque on the dog’s teeth. Bacteria can move into muffled passages and sinuses spread to metabolic processes. The problem makes to the circulatory system, could damage the liver, kidneys, and heart. To overcome this problem brush dog’s teeth daily and give him toys especially for dental hygiene.

    2. Droopy Ears

    Droopy Ears

    A dog’s ear may droop when he feels sad or has infections of outer, inner and middle ear. Features of outer ear problems may be seen through drooping ears, redness, discharge and bad odor which requires to drop in on animal doctor. Supposing it’s not treated, outer infections may turn into middle and inner infections which cause hearing loss.

    3. Patchy Gums

    Patchy Gums

    These infections regularly affect the high percentage of mutts over the age of three. When food particles and microorganisms are not cleaned off dog’s gums they may get inflamed and plaque can form. Plaque formed in most cases turn into gingivitis and lead to youth loss. Presuming gums are inflamed with black patches immediately visit good treatment.

    4. Pudgy Tummy

    Pudgy Tummy

    An hourglass figure is a quick test indicator for a healthy dog. Provided that hound has no area that seems to be put in between her rib-cage and hips she’s probably heavier than normal. Disease bearing unit estimates that 50% of curs are overweight and this makes creature defenseless to other medical difficulties like a tumor, diabetes and renal disorder, which can even reduce the life span of your animal.

    5. Cloudy Eyes

    Cloudy Eyes

    Though not conclusive, cloudy eyes are strong indicator of cataracts. If steaminess veil more than half of dog’s eyes meniscus, then your pet’s sight becomes barred and he can finally not able to see. Blindness can signify diabetes, can also show other signs like drinking and urinating more. Another cause can be nuclear sclerosis, benign aging change that fortunately doesn’t really impair vision.

    6. Accidents


    Accidents can be a symptom of pet’s bad health, excessive urination and drinking are foundations of kidney failure, diabetes, and liver diseases. For instance, your dog can be dehydrated and her kidneys won’t be able to retain water hence she will urinate frequently.

    7. Tail Chasing

    Tail Chasing

    If your animal runs in circles more often than normal she could have an inner ear problem called labyrinthitis. Supposing usually affects the dog’s posture and coordination, so she may seem dizzy for no good reason. Older pups could have idiopathic vestibular which can also cause dizziness to a point of incapacitation.

    8. Heavy Breathing

    Heavy Breathing

    Panting is a way of cooling down, on the other breathing can be a life-threatening. It is brought by diverse problems that are able to emanate from within the animal. The tyke may not be getting enough air into its bloodstream. Problems in breathing can also cause heartworm disease which can cause fatal damage to the lungs.

    9. Yucky Sneezes

    Yucky Sneezes

    Unlike in humans, dogs sneeze clear adenoidal discharge when they have allergies. If the mucus is grey and cloudy, thick and green or bloody, there is a need for concern. Your tamed animal may have cancer disease. ensure that it is well looked on so that the disease does not become a problem.

    10. Bad Manners

    Bad Manners

    Any normal day that you realize that your domesticated animals are polite and well behaved. Unrepresented aggression could be a symbol of hypothyroidism, seizures or brain disease. This is just a way of showing you that it is just in severe or bad anguish like never before.

    11. Paw-Licking


    Just as humans, dogs can suffer from allergies too. When you see your loved pet licking its paws and forearms more often this could signify dog’s illness.

    12. Tilted Head

    Tilted Head

    One that is tilting his head is the most beautiful feature, on the other hand, when the head stays tilted at most times, time these leads to curiosity. A tilted head may be brought by a painful ear infection.

    13. Mismatched Eyes

    Mismatched Eyes

    Take a picture with flash on and check out the dog’s gaze, given that one of his eyes is missing reflection then indicates sickness. Eyes are pair and they should look the same, left and right. These occur as a result of excess or lack of melanin in one ogle which will develop in time.

    14. Fur Loss

    Fur Loss

    Mites responsible for mange can take over the dog’s fur and cause hair loss, which makes it itch excessively. This itching is brought about by trauma, disruption in hair growth of hair follicles, infection, immune disease or endocrine system abnormalities.

    15. Running Nose

    Running Nose

    If there’s clear nasal discharge from the dog’s nose is developed by allergies. Puppies’ allergy manifestations cannot stop runny nostrils; they also include sneezing, coughing, itchiness, nosebleeds and breathing difficulties. This is a threat to the dog’s healthy life, should of concern once becomes serious and chronic.


    In conclusion from what we have shown you above, one can easily detect diseases in a pup or pet. To keep canine healthy and charming you should provide a good and clean environment. Modify its bedding and wash them clean to avoid mites which cause itching to their bodies hence leading to loss of hair. Always brush their teeth to remove food remains to provide fresh breath, these would prevent mutt from respiratory problems. They should also be provided with a balanced food diet to improve their immune system and free from being attacked by infections. In case of an adverse and chronic problem always visit veterinary treatment. Always develop a sense of humor to pets.


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