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Top 10 Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders in 2024

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    It’s really enjoyable to watch and listen to birds enjoying their meals. When you have a bird feeder at your home it’s great to spend time observing these creatures. To get the most out of your bird-feeding joy here are the top 10 best squirrel-proof bird feeders in 2024. Please have a look at the best products.

    List of Top 10 Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders in 2024

    10. Wild Bird Feeder Wilderness Lantern

    10. Perky-Pet 8504-2 Wilderness Lantern Wild Bird Feeder

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    Feed the birds while keeping the squirrels out. With this bird feeder, you can be sure that the food reaches the right creatures. Having a SureLock at the top of the feeder locks the lid to protect the food from squirrels. Four feeding ports on four sides ensure that multiple birds can eat and enjoy their meals. An ample seed capacity of 2 pounds relieves you from frequently refilling the feeder.

    With a heavy-duty steel construction and an attractive design, this feeder features u-shaped perches making it easy for the birds to hang and eat. So what you need to do is just open the lid, then fill the food, close the lid and hang the feeder using the built-in hook designed for hanging. It’s a very simple design with no complications at all.

    9. PetsN’all Bird Feeder Gazebo

    9. Gazebo Bird Feeder By PetsN'all - Transparent, Hanging Bird Feeder in Hexagon Shape, Handles Up To 2.25 Lbs

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    A stylish and attractive look with an ergonomic design is the specialty of this bird feeder. The twisted locking lid provides protection from squirrels while it keeps the seeds dry for feeding your favorite birds. It comes with a built-in steel hanging cable at the top that enables you to hang the feeder on a tree branch for attracting more birds. As the design of this feeder is inspired by the gazebo it has multiple perching rooms where birds can enjoy their food together.

    No worries about frequent refills as this feeder host 2.25 pounds of food capacity. When the feeder gets dirty you can easily clean it with warm water and mild detergent. The rich and exclusive look of this feeder not only attracts birds but it enhances the beauty of your property.

    8. Hanging Bird Feeder-Squirrel Proof

    8. MYARD Double Sided Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

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    This is an attractive hanging bird feeder that features acrylic construction and a durable powder-coated steel body. Intelligently designed, you have to adjust the weight of each perch according to the total number of birds standing on each bar. This is done so that when a squirrel comes in and stands on the perch to each the food the spring closes the feeding outlet because of increased weight.

    In this way, you can keep the squirrel out and serve the food only to birds. Its double-sided design makes room for more birds to stand and enjoy their meals. With a little bit of spring adjustment by yourself, you adjust the spring force of the feeder for birds of different sizes and weights.

    7. Bird Feeder Squirrel Proof

    7. More Birds X-1 Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder with 4.2-Pound Bird Seed Capacity and Four Feeding Ports

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    A large food capacity and an improved design are the specialties of this squirrel-proof bird feeder. Having four feeding ports lets more birds use the feeder while they get the optimum benefit from it. Leave the worries of frequent maintenance and refills as this feeder hosts a wholesome capacity of 4.2 pounds and its simple design makes it easy for you to clean the feeder.

    You can hang this feeder on a strong branch or on a pole using the built-in hanging string. All four perches are constructed from durable material that lets the birds stand comfortably and eat with ease.

    6. Caged Tube Feeder with Squirrel Proof Design

    6. GrayBunny GB-6860 Caged Tube Feeder, Squirrel Proof Wild Bird Feeder

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    A caged tube feeder is more secure and protective from squirrels due to its design than other feeders. Perfect-sized openings and a cage design give access for birds to enter the cage and eat the food while keeping the squirrels out. This heavy-duty cage features durable steel construction that is built to last and is chew-proof. With four feeding ports, you can be sure that multiple birds can enjoy eating food from the feeder.

    Refilling and maintaining this feeder is very easy due to its top opening lid that fits in 2.5 cups of fresh seeds for birds and a well-built design that makes it easy to clean the feeder with warm water. Assured of their quality, the manufacturer offers a 1-year guarantee with this product.

    5. Heritage Farms presents Wodlink Absolute Bird Feeder

    5. Woodlink Absolute Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder Model 7533

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    Feeding birds bring great fun and joy to watch various birds coming and eating away from the feeder. But, squirrels can make it difficult for birds to enjoy their meals. So this squirrel-proof bird feeder uses a special spring mechanism to keep the squirrels out of the food. Featuring a heavy-duty steel construction this bird feeder is powder coated for long life. A large capacity of 15lb lets you fill the feeder with mixed sees and requires you less frequent refills. When a squirrel stands on the perch its weight closes the access to seed thereby saving the seed for your favorite birds. This feeder comes fully assembled and it’s easy for you to clean it.

    4. 2-Suet Cake Capacity, Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

    4. Squirrel-X Squirrel Proof Suet Bird Feeder, 2 Suet Cake Capacity, Brown

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    A large protective metal cage and an attractive design is the specialty of this bird feeder. Capable of holding 2 Suet cakes this bird feeder has a premium quality steel construction with a tight fitting powder coated top lid that is durable and cannot be opened by squirrels. Featuring a metal cage design this feeder is made to feed small and medium-sized birds while the cage restricts squirrels from entering the cage.

    You can even add a baffle of 15 or 18 inches for added protection from the squirrels. A look at the top lets you hang the feeder on a pole attracting more birds to eat their food.

    3. Country House Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder with Weathervane

    3. Perky-Pet Squirrel Be Gone II Country House Bird Feeder with Weathervane

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    This is one of the most attractive bird feeders that you can get in the market. Featuring bright red color and an attractive design this bird feeder completely blocks squirrels from reaching the seeds. Refilling this feeder is very easy with a removable roof peak with a snap. Four perches enable multiple birds to feed at the same time whereas the adjustable spring senses the weight of a squirrel and blocks the feeder.

    You can hang this feeder on a pole or on a tree branch using the built-in heavy-duty hanger. With an 8-pound seed capacity, you need not worry about the frequent refilling of food.

    2. Brome presents Wild Bird Feeder

    2. Squirrel Buster Standard

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    Featuring a premium-quality construction and an attractive design this feeder looks beautiful and works well to feed the birds while it keeps the squirrels out. Designed by a special method that senses the weight of a squirrel and closes the seed ports, thereby saving the precious bird meal. Along with these features, this feeder is waterproof, rustproof, and chew proof with the material used to make this feeder UV stabilized.

    The patented seed ventilation system moves out hot air out of the feeder while replenishing the fresh air in the feeder. True to its word, the manufacturer provides a limited lifetime warranty on this product and this is the reason why this feeder is backed by the trust of many satisfied customers.

    1. Copper Panorama Bird Feeder

    1. Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder 312C

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    This is the best and most economical bird feeder that you can get in the market. Featuring an antique copper finish for a rust-free product this feeder has a circular perch that can host multiple birds at the same time. A SureLock cap at the top can be opened to refill the feeder it cannot be opened by squirrels. You can use a variety of seeds to fill this feeder.

    Tried and trusted by many satisfied customers this feeder is durable and its circular perch continuously provides fresh seed to birds at a slow speed. Experience the sheer joy of watching birds enjoying their meals on this attractive and resourceful squirrel-proof bird feeder.

    What a great joy it is to watch your favorite birds enjoying their meals on a bird feeder. Many bird enthusiasts have been able to resist nasty squirrels from eating the bird food with these feeders. You can also experience the joy of feeding by getting one of the best squirrel-proof bird feeders.


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