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Best Invisible Dog Fences in 2024

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    Dogs always prefer freedom and when you give them the freedom they would behave more faithfully than ever. Every dog owner is always worried about the security of his/her dog. The concern regarding their security increases if they are away from their home. It becomes actually difficult to provide freedom and security simultaneously with your dog.  In order to eliminate such hassles, the market consists of special types of dog fences called invisible dog fences. These kinds of fences are dedicated to providing freedom to move around and at the same time, they guarantee security. They can conveniently play, walk and run in the specific area within the boundary set by the fence. Now you can stay stress-free regarding your dog’s security while you are in the office, on travel trips, at parties, etc. To get a proper understanding of the best invisible dog fences, take a look below:

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    12. Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System

    12. Petsafe PIF-300 Wireless 2-Dog Fence Containment System:

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    Designed with wireless functionality, the Petsafe fence containment system represents a modern concept to assure dog security. Its working mechanism makes sure the dog uses the simplest and the safest pet containment ever.

    It is quite simple to use this containment system; simply plug in the transmitter at an inconspicuous place in your home. Subsequently, the transmitter would send out a 17.5 kHz radio signal all over your home. It is found that in this system, the pet wears a lightweight receiver collar capable to gain signal. During the process of signal reception, there are no hassles for your dogs to play and run around the house or yard. Once the boundary is reached, you will be informed through a warning beep.


    • This wireless radio-fence containment system is suitable for pets weighing 8 pounds or higher.
    • In this system, the receiver sends out safe static correction whenever the dog steps into the warning zone.
    • It is possible to encompass an adjustable circular area covering up to 1/2 acre.
    • This waterproof receiver collar utilizes a 6V battery and you can follow the training manual to remove the confusion.

    11. PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence for Dogs

    11. PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence for Dogs, Waterproof, with Tone, Vibration and Static Correction:

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    There are many pet dogs that are stubborn by nature and they might be difficult to train. This dog in-ground radio fence pet containment system from PetSafe offers complete freedom and safety to your dogs. All these benefits are offered at an affordable price tag. Any dog weighing 30 pounds and higher can be conveniently secured through this system. You need not panic about installation hassles; the complete system is simple to install, safe and reliable.


    • There is a total of four adjustable levels of static correction.
    • It comes with safe and personalized functionalities to make sure the pets stay safe within the range of up to 1/3 of an acre.
    • The range of this pet containment system is expandable up to 25 acres by the acquisition of the extra wires and flags.
    • With the assistance of the tone and vibration warning, it is quite easy to train hearing-impaired dogs.

    10. PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay & Play Wireless Fence

     PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay & Play Wireless Fence:

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    In this PetSafe PIF00-12917 fence set, all the necessary accessories are included to ensure comprehensive dog security. In the set, you will find a transmitter with a power adapter, receiver charger, adaptable collar, 50 training flags, test light tool, and contact points. Besides, you also get an operating and training guide to remove the confusion regarding how to use it. Presented in sophisticated black color touch, this wireless fence system will look elegant wherever installed.


    • This PIF00-12917 system is capable to encompass an adjustable circular area of up to 0.75 acres.
    • In total, there are 5 adjustable levels of correction. Moreover, there is the availability of a tone-only mode for training.
    • Training is imparted to make sure the dog stays within boundaries.
    • Any dogs weighing 5 pounds and higher are suitable for this fence system.

    9. Advanced High-Performance Electronic Dog Fence System Wireless Pet Containment System

     Advanced High Performance Electronic Dog Fence System Wireless Pet Containment System by AsyPets:

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    Quite perceptible from the name, this electric dog fence system is reliable and safe to use. Presented from AsyPets, this dog containment system prepares an adaptable boundary to make sure your pets stay safe within your yard. Any intruders or damaging elements would not affect your dog.


    • It comes with a progressive warning tone that would be employed and issued twice. After that, a shock stimulus is presented in case the dog pertains to move nearer to the boundary.
    • There is the facility of variable width and adjustable field control. The package includes a 656-foot / 200m (1.0 mm) wire coil to let you properly set the boundary.
    • The included rechargeable water-resistant collars are fully and completely water-resistant.

    8. Extreme Dog Fence

     Extreme Dog Fence - G1 in-Ground Electric Dog Fence Easy Installation D.I.Y. Kit:

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    In present times, more and more pet owners insist to buy a digital dog fence and this product works well in such cases. It comes with an easy installation DIY kit in which there is the presence of heavy-duty wire. This wire can be dug 1″-18″ deep or can be installed above ground.  The unique traits of this ground electric dog fence system are it comes with an indoor transmitter. This transmitter is capable to operate on two unique frequencies to avoid chances of interference with adjacent fence systems.


    • The included dog fence collar is found to be waterproof and capable to accommodate large dogs or small dogs.
    • It comes with wide coverage with the help of 500′ of 14 AWG extreme dog fence brand boundary wire.
    • Its collar receiver is made compact at 1.1 oz., and it comes with 5 correction settings.

    7. Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation

     Extreme Dog Fence - Second Generation -2024- Standard Grade (Basic) Kit Packages:

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    The Extreme Dog Fence system is basically regarded as the premiere D.I.Y. static correction-based pet containment system. Any dog owner can secure the dog within the coverage area of 25 acres. You need not panic about how to set up this fence system because it includes all the vital accessories. In the kit, you would find all the standard components to set up your inground dog fence. Moreover, you are able to easily train your dog and guaranteed complete security.


    • This second-generation dog fence system is found to be waterproof and submersible.
    • In the fence kit, there is the presence of a collar receiver capable to submerge up to 10′ deep.
    • It is easy for your dog to swim along with the collar without any compromise on functionality.

    6. PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable in-Ground Dog and Cat Containment Fence

     PetSafe YardMax Rechargeable in-Ground Dog and Cat Containment Fence:

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    The working mechanism of this rechargeable pet containment fence from the YardMax intends to maximize the amount of yard your dog can play in. In order to use this dog and cat containment system, all you need to do is simply bury wires in your yard for setting the boundaries.


    • This PetSafe waterproof receiver collar can be charged instantly in 2-3 hours. Each charge would last up to 3 weeks based on use.
    • Its adjustable receiver collar is equipped with 5 levels of static correction as well as tone.
    • The containment system is capable to fit pets weighing 5 pounds or higher with neck sizes varying from 6 to 26 inches.
    • Its coverage area is expandable up to 10 acres.

    5. High Tech Pet Electronic Pet Containment Systems:

     High Tech Pet Electronic Pet Containment Systems:

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    Whenever you intend to gift your dog the latest dog fence system, this High Tech Pet containment system works well. The HC-8000 electronic-based dog fence ultra system presents contemporary technology leading to the utmost security. Due to its ultra-slim and waterproof radio collar, high security is guaranteed.


    • Important components of this electronic pet containment system are a collar, a built-in battery, a shock tester, and a beautiful poly-elastomeric strap.
    • Execution of the proprietary technology is found in this fence system. This technology automatically aligns stimulus intensity depending on the distance from the boundary.
    • It comes with progressive audible tones supported by shock stimulus to facilitate a simple and quick training process.

    4. Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence

     Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence:

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    The brand new wireless dog fence system from Friendly Pet Products is suitable to guarantee complete safety in a reliable manner. It is quite simple to set up and use this fence system for any pet owner. Generally, your dog would be trained instantly upon its first jolt. The reason behind this is the shock setting. Your dog would get a sufficient jolt to hide comfortably with its tail between its legs.


    • In this wireless dog fence system, the included quick start guide and manual assist a lot. You just need to follow the instructions carefully.
    • Maximum coverage is guaranteed to make sure your dog stays safe and moves freely.
    • This fence system comes with a dog collar which is properly synced. Whenever your dog steps out of the boundary, it would immediately beeps to inform the dog owners.

    3. Perimeter Technologies Ultimate Electric Dog Fence

    3. Perimeter Technologies Ultimate Electric Dog Fence:

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    The number of dogs secured with the use of this electric dog fence is 1 to 5. As per the requirement of the pet owner, the corresponding kit can be easily expandable to encompass an unlimited amount of dogs. Generally, it is observed that the fence comes with a coverage of 10-acre area. It is possible to add more perimeter wire in order to encompass the area you want to secure your dogs in.


    • With the purchase of extra wire, the electric dog fence can be expanded up to 10 acres.
    • In total, there are 5 levels of correction.
    • Any dogs weighing 8-120 lbs. can be conveniently contained inside.
    • This fence includes lightweight and waterproof collars.
    • There is the provision of multiple frequency selections, temp check & wire check, and unlimited dog capacity.

    2. PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems:

     PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems:

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    Those pet owners who desire to set a wireless boundary for their dogs should try this pet containment system. From PetSafe, this fence system keeps your pets secure inside your yard; there are no hassles to dig and bury the wires. A pet owner of any skill set can easily set up this wireless pet fence system in approximately 1-2 hours. This benefits pet owners a lot. Besides, they can set up the fence system for homes, camping, and vacation homes.


    • It can encompass up to 1/2 acre of area.
    • The PetSafe fence system can adjust your pet’s rounded boundary up to 90 feet in every direction from the indoor transmitter.
    • In the kit, the included receiver collar is waterproof.
    • Its collar is equipped with a low-battery indicator. There is a total of 5 levels of static correction along with the tone-only mode for training purposes.

    1. SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System

     SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System:

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    For all traditional fences, the SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System proves to be an easy-to-use and cost-effective alternative. There would be no effect of water because the included collar is water-resistant. It is quite simple to install this in-ground fence system and instant protection to your dogs will be provided.


    • This powerful pet fence system comes with 1000 feet of 20-gauge boundary wire, 100 flags, a transmitter, and a collar receiver.
    • In order to make sure your dog stays inside the boundary, the coverage is up to 1 1/3 acres.
    • Its coverage can be enlarged to cover a maximum area of 100 acres. This is made possible with the purchase of extra SDF-WF wire & flag kits.
    • The receiver directs a tone and vibration whenever your dog comes close to the boundary. Later, it transits to anyone out of the 4 static correction levels.

    To make sure no element can harm your dog, it is inevitable to arrange a proper dog-safe system on your property. When you pick any of the discussed invisible dog fence systems, it is certain that your dog will relish the freedom and their security is guaranteed simultaneously.


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